05/07 - libdsbrut-0.93 released
10/11 - libdsbrut-0.92 released
08/20 - libdsbrut-0.91 released, cartridges in stock again

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Almost two years in the making, we're happy to finally release our DS Bluetooth adapter. The tiny Slot-1 cartridge allows you to hook up the Nintendo DS wirelessly with other devices such as GPS-receivers, robots and so forth. Today we're making all materials of the project openly available, including the schematics and a GPL-licensed software library for the Nintendo DS, because we believe in open hardware design and want to encourage collaboration in the hardware hacking community.

In our design, we use a tiny ATmega168 microcontroller to make the Nintendo DS speak to the RN-41 Bluetooth SMD module by Roving Networks. Using this piece of hardware the Nintendo DS can scan its neighbourhood and establish connections to other Bluetooth devices (supporting SPP). The module can also be remotely connected to, allowing for a range of interesting applications. We also developed a software library for the Nintendo DS, making it easy to use this new Bluetooth interface.

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DS Bluetooth


Schematic DS Bluetooth (rev. b)

libdsbrut Bluetooth API Reference

Datasheet of the Bluetooth module used

Command Set of the Bluetooth module used