05/07 - libdsbrut-0.93 released
10/11 - libdsbrut-0.92 released
08/20 - libdsbrut-0.91 released, cartridges in stock again

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Gordan Savicic Gottfried Haider

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What is DS brut?

DS brut is an open source hardware prototyping platform for the Nintendo DS, developed by and for electronics enthusiasts, artists and game developers. By connecting the Nintendo DS to the outer world with UART, GPIO, PWM, ADC, I²C, etc, the game console can be easily hooked up to a variety of sensors (e.g. GPS receivers) and can itself control all different kinds of actuators, servo motors and others.

DS brut combines the Nintendo DS appealing form factor, its ubiquitousness and intuitive interface and finally its affordable price with the flexibility and possibilities of hardware prototyping plattforms like the Arduino. It provides you with a powerful companion for your next project that helps you get many things done without even leaving your NDS code. Have fun!

DS brut is open

Together with the cartridges, we also released a library for easily interfacing the outer world from within your homebrew software program - similar to the way things work with the Arduino. As it is LGPL licensed, you are free to modify it to your specific needs. You also have full access to the embedded microcontroller's firmware, which is also provided as sourcecode and can be easily compiled with free and available tools - meaning that you can modify every aspect of the device if you want to.